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From the archive of Billy X Jennings

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The Oracle

Vol. 1, No. 10

The Oracle combined poetry, psychedelic design, and spirituality as a mystically oriented newspaper. It was rumored to receive funding from Owsley Stanley, the famous underground LSD chemist.

The Berkeley Tribe

Vol. 3, No. 2

The feminist-run weekly publication, produced from July 1969 - May 1972 was competitively published to The Berkeley Barb. It was produced by a group of amatuer “unabashed radicals.”
the Tribe’s reporters actively participated in the events they
were covering, providing for a very personalized form of journalism.

The Black Panther

Vol. 9, No. 26

The Black Panther Party Newspaper published about 500 issues
 between its founding in 1967 and its end in 1980. It was created to educate and organize its following and beyond and promote the party’s 10 Point Program and Platform.


“Juché” was used by North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung to describe North Korea’s regime as “self-reliant.” For the paper’s purposes, Juche refers to “self-sustenance, self-reliance, self-defense.